Blue Chips Recruiting

Are you looking for a sports Recruiting agency that focuses on helping athletes obtain life long dreams and goals. A company that is ready to offer the best of services in all sports. If your answer is yes, your search may have ended. Our company is based in Plano, Texas. Blue Chips is the number one rated recruiting firm in north Texas that has an outstanding record in helping athletes get Recruited through our marketing, image-building, and branding techniques. We have assisted some of the biggest names in High School, College and NFL. We represents the interests of around 175 top rated Athletes across the DFW area. Our firm is often considered to be the one-stop solution for connecting with the right decision markers to advance our athletes to the next level. Become apart of the Blue Chips family and let us help you become the next rising Star.


Success Through Leadership

Our Blue Chips Staff and Leadership team have one goal in mind, and that is to send as many student athletes to college as possible.